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Cycleops H2 Direct Drive Smart Trainer

£ 599.00 £ 1,000.00

TypeDirect Drive
Max Power2000watts
Max gradient20
Dimensions787 x 497 mm
ConnectivityANT+, FE-C, Bluetooth
9.2 / 10 9 /10

The Cycleops H2 is probably the best value direct drive turbo available at the moment. There are some big disounts against RRP and it delivers category leading performance. Cycleops claim a market leading noise level of 66db. were impressed with the quietness and power accuracy. Max power capacity and gradient are a little lower than other top offerings from Wahoo or Tacx, but are moe than adequate for the vast majority of users.

DC rainmaker was impressed with the realistic feel and backed up the claimed +/-2% power accuracy in their test.

There aren’t a huge number of user reviews on-line, but they’re laregly positive. The only clear downside is that you’ll need to buy and fit your own cassette.

For more guidance on how to select a trainer that’s right for you – read our buyers guide.


£ 599.00 £ 1,000.00