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VC Index9.1
PlatformsWindows, Mac, iOs, Android
Contract?30 day money back guarantee - there after you're comitted to your price plan
Free Trial?30 days - wth a refferal code
Classic/"Dumb" trainer compatible?Yes
9.1 / 10 4.6 / 5 4.9 / 5

Structured training plans build your endurance and strength in the right order so you can be confident on race day. PR your goal-event with personalized, science-based training plans. Reach your goals with a training plan designed specifically for you. Simply enter your upcoming events, how much you can train and when you want to do it, and Plan Builder takes care of the rest.

Training sessions involve delivering the power output and cadence required by the app – you simply have to make your output line follow the target as closely as possible. Until recently, that was literally the only visual interaction available. But TrainerRoad have just added a group sessions function, allowing you to do a workout synchronized with friends.

Other virtual rides and outdoor rides can be integrated into your training record (via Strava or a similar app), so every ride is taken into account. The minimum commitment in a training plan is for three sessions a week – so if you can’t manage that most of the features will be wasted.

Overall, the user feedback is excellent, with the vast majority of users reporting significant improvements in performance. You can only buy the product in dollars. It was already expensive and the sinking pound has made it more so. But signing up for a full year saves you 20%.

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